Espacio Checoeslovaquia



CUMULONIMBUS, is the most recent work of Plataforma MONO, an independent project for professional interpreters from diverse backgrounds that aims to establish a permanent creative laboratory through investigation cycles and different choreographers of the national and international scene of contemporary dance, wanting to emphasizes the diversity and horizontality of languages.

After the success of “Beyond fear” of Paraguayan director Fabian Leguizamón (Ballet Nacional Chileno), and now with the support of Espacio Checoeslovaquia, CUMULONIMBUS is the result of the second creative process of the company. Inspiration comes from energies and emotions that chaos and order can provoke.

Executive MONO director: Jose Luis Urrea
Choreographic director: Thomas Bentin
Sound design: Santiago Farah
Light design: Miguel Saintlawrence
Cast: Daniella Santibañez, Francisca Lillo, Tiare Salgado, Valeska Romero, Javiera González, Andrés Salas, Jose Luis Urrea, Benjamin Marchant, Javier Muñoz, Ninoska Soto.