Espacio Checoeslovaquia


Realismo – Teatro de Chile

Realism, a philosophical reflection is the latest show by Teatro de Chile. Directed by Manuela Infanta, this staging aims to challenge the modern notion of humanity as the only measure for everything,  insisting on the independence of things and the non human forces, understanding the stage as a place to test concepts of contemporary philosophy. Realism is based on the ideas of speculative realism. 

The show was developed during an extense period of creative residencies in Valparaíso, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and New york (The Watermill Center) and it opened in CA660 in July of 2016. The rehearsal process and scenic investigations were held at Espacio Checoeslovaquia.

Written and directed by Manuela Infante.
Cast: Cristián Carvajal, Ariel Hermosilla, Héctor Morales, Rodrigo Pérez y Marcela Salinas.
Set design: Claudia Yolin.
Assistant designer: Gabriela Torrejón.
Technical consultant: Karl Heinz
Set construction: Taller El Litre.
Sound design: Juan Pablo Bello.
Graphic design: Javier Pañella.
Film and videos: Luis Bustamante y Sebastian Núñez.
Operators: Ignacio Salgado y Ricardo Montenegro.
Stage hand: Daniel Barnachea, Magdalena Mejía y Pamela González.
Producer: Alessandra Massardo.