Espacio Checoeslovaquia


Tomislav English

Tomislav English is co-founder of collective Ferus Animi // Terra Nova, a group or artists and multidisciplinary scientists that investigates movement, physiology, human evolution and environmental adaptation through arts and science.

Tomislav is a member of Wim Vandekaybus / Última Vez company, and has collaborated previously with artists such as Punchdrunk, English National Ballet, Protein dance, Joe Wright / sidi larbi cherkaoui and Penguin Café.

The classes will be an exploration of movement, purpose, efficiency and physiology. Inspired by conteporary practices of movement like Capoeira, Flying Low y Passing Through, Playfight, Yoga, Systema Ruso, Teukgong Moosool, Jiu Jitsu Brasileño and Fighting Monkey, the workshops will examine instinctive and evolutionary processes of the human body in relation to breathing, stabilization, and gravity.

Photos by Aud Gráficas