Espacio Checoeslovaquia


(ES) Oficinas

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Small room

Workspace 54m2
Plywood coated floor  + black linoleum
2m2 shared storage space
Shared kitchenette
Sound system


Class room

15 desks available
White board
Sound system

(ES) Sala Residencia

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Workspace for construction

Workspace for production and construction of scenographic projects, theater, presidential conferences and government events such as the Pacific Alliance, Our Ocean, Invest Chile, Ottawa convention,  art fairs, exhibitions, dance shows, opera, television and film.



Estudio C is a photographic studio with an infinity background. It is ideal for photos, casting, workshops, and other related needs.


-Infinity background
-dimensions 5m x 2m
-7 m camera shot
-Break Room
-make up and dressing area
-Green screen
-2 led lights (500w)
-2 Fresnel Tungsten 650w
– Electrical capacity: three-phase network , 15amps each

The Recording Studio and Music rehearsal room

The Recording Studio and Music rehearsal room is a creative space managed by Nicolás Torres, leader of the Chilean band Silvestre.

Silvestre is a Chilean band of varied musical style, which they call “cueca cumbia and rock and roll”. The band was born in September 2004 when Nicolás Torres (vocals, guitars), after being a drummer in bands of the 1990s as Entreklles and the successful Pettinellis (2001-2004), joined* musicians Felipe Hinojosa (drummer), Miguel Navarro (bass), Sebastián Aracena (guitars, accordion) and Benjamín Warnken (percussion) with the purpose of launching a project that was developed around 1998.


Capacidad Humana

Capacidad humana realiza capacitaciones a través del teatro, creando cambios conductuales y educacionales, potenciando capacidades, talentos y virtudes.

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