Espacio Checoeslovaquia



Neither naked nor down the stairs

Neither naked nor down the stairs, is a contemporary staging of our society and its amnesia, denials and social ilusions, with a burlesque twist from a circus perspective where absurd everyday situations are portrayed through body language. It is conceived as a triptych of circus, visual arts and music that integrates this concepts within a creative process that encourages interdisciplinary exchange. 

The project, co-produced by Checoeslovaquia, aims to broaden the spectrum in which contemporary Chilean circus is presented, this proposal seeks to scape the usual concept of circus and give space for interdisciplinary mixtures to new audiences. This process has been awarded with funding by the Fondart Nacional 2016.

Directed by Andrés Labarca
Interpeters: Jean Paul Mengin, Andrés Labarca
Aesthetic conception: Gabriel Tondreau
Scenographic construction: Espacio Checoeslovaquia
Sound design: Lola Lacanal
Music: Jean Paul Mengin
Lighting design: Yury Canales
Exterior output: Fransisco Arrázola
Producer: Macarena Simonetti